Quality Control

We at Sparkton are sticklers for quality control. Not only do all our translators undergo a rigorous selection process prior to receiving their first job, but each translation, whether done in-house or received from an outside expert, is subjected to a careful multistep editing and proofreading process. Any dubious points found during editing are discussed between the translator and the editor before the final copy is approved. If necessary, the client is consulted 

Special attention is devoted to "for publication" translations typeset at our facilities, for which we assume total responsibility from the correct wording of the text to the selection of the typestyles and the layout of the graphics. The chart below schematically illustrates the process, which in actual jobs may be further complicated by "Author's Alterations" (AAs) to the text, made by the client after the completion of one or more steps, and by special requirements such as multilanguage literature.

You can get cheaper translations from companies whose "service" is limited to switching the translation from the envelope received from the lowest-cost vendor to another addressed to you. You cannot get a translation more competently prepared or more carefully checked than it is at Sparkton.



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