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Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation

PharmaceuticalIf there are fields where quality translation and attention to detail are crucial, they are medicine and pharmacology. Not only can a minor mistake or oversight cause major damage, but it can result in repeated tests and a waste of time and money. On the human level, the way you address your customers, patients, and colleagues reflects back on you and your company, and it involves knowledge of the different cultures you are serving.

Sparkton's expertise covers the following areas:

Animal Studies

Case Report Forms (CRFs)

Clinical Trial Protocols

Drug Package Inserts

Foreign Drug Legislation

Informed Consent Forms (ICFs)

Investigative New Drug Applications (INDAs)

Journal Articles

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs)

Medical Equipment Instruction Manuals

New Drug Applications (NDAs)


Patient Education

Promotional Material

Research Reports

Scientific Correspondence

Standard Operating Procedures of Pharmaceutical Companies (SOPs)

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