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It is our pleasure to assist pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, physicians, and non-profit organizations in their efforts to inform and care for their non-English-speaking patients. The information we help provide is not only useful but shows that these institutions care about their clients' well-being. It is an awesome responsibility because in some cases, when it comes to the proper use of medication and the knowledge of side effects and contraindications, the accuracy of translation can become a life-and-death issue. Unlike many agencies, our bureau has translators on staff, which enables our customers to ask questions and get an immediate response to their concerns regarding the cultural idiosyncrasies of the target audience. Some of our customers need to change their message based on such information - At sparkton it gets done immediately.

The other side of the story is, of course, that these companies and institutions would like to market their products and services to different communities. In order to do that, good translators are needed to make sure that the English copy is adapted to the culture and educational level of the readers. We make sure nothing gets into the translation that is inadvertently offensive in another culture, and take good care to use the appropriate language for the intended reader to understand. Respect for the foreign communities is essential to our work.


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